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Andrew and whitney millionaire matchmaker still dating

andrew and whitney millionaire matchmaker still dating-3

The two are still friends and actually dated for a year, but broke up due to long distance.Patti states the obvious saying hey you are a millionaire. Zagros claims she did not want to stop working and could not relocate.

Two of the three are single, while Zargos is currently seeing someone he has been dating for six weeks.Dare I say, the first ever Millionaire Matchmaker reunion was actually entertaining especially compared to the lackluster season that many of you readers have agreed is not worth tuning into.But hey, last night’s second part of the reunion was definitely worth a watch especially when we got to see past clients let it rip on the beloved Patti Stanger.Instead, these gents reenter the real world having briefly been the center of the world. Last night, Millionaire Matchmaker went out with a bang.With all the gay and Jewish bashing, I totally forgot about Patti’s distaste for the redhead community. But Patti does what she does best explaining she did not mean it like that — yea, right.

Then, Andy reminds me that she also does not like curly hair either. She says the millionaires do not like red, curly hair people.

I knew I should have paid attention in my home ec class. Her acronyms sounded like she was talking in texts like my ten year old cousin does to all her friends.

But unlike my ten year old cousin, Patti’s language gets a little R-rated with all her cursing.

Andy seems to side with Lawrence on this one, and I tend to just always side with Andy.

I do see Patti’s point — couples don’t have to run into a bedroom to develop a good relationship.

Ok, as a viewer, I came up with two explanations: 1) Zagros is not rich. Or 2) They were not really in a happy relationship. Certainly, Bravo saved the best for last with an all-out cat fight between Patti and Stacy Kessler.