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Backdating child

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i only make 15,000 so im sure that cant be the problem. x Hi As long as you are eligible for CB when you claim, then they backdate to the date you claimed.So even if they take 6 months, they will backdate it for the whole 6 months.

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Im not desparate for the money, it just the frustration of knowing your surpossed to have something but not getting it.There is no need to tell HMRC when they apply for the disability benefit.Similarly, if their claim for tax credits is dependent on the qualifying benefit, providing they claim within 31 days (93 days prior to 6 April 2012) of being awarded the benefit they can receive full backdating. She applies for disability living allowance for her daughter Amy in April 2007.Prior to 6 April 2012, the backdating period was 93 days.Changes of circumstances can be backdated up to 1 month.The 12 weeks is the maximum you can ask them to backdate it if you want to claim it from before the date that you actually claimed (ie, to get CB from the day the child is born, you must claim within 12 weeks of the birth & ask for it to backdated to the baby's birth day).

In certain circumstances tax credits claims can be backdated.

Disability elements Backdating is also possible by more than 31 days/1 month where entitlement to one of the disability elements is dependent upon an award of a qualifying benefit.

The rules for backdating disability elements changed on 6 April 2009.

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Hello all, I had my little girl in the middle of May and luckily got an appointment to register her when she was a week old. I received her birth certificate back a week maybe two weeks after but still have not received the award notice.

If there was an ongoing tax credits award, the claimant had to notify HMRC both when they applied for the qualifying benefit and then again within 3 months of it being awarded in order to receive backdating of more than 3 months.