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There are restrictions, but in most cases, you can receive a full refund for tickets within three days of purchase, as long as the concert is more than a week away.

We then identified a mid-priced seating section at each concert and put two tickets in our cart to see what their final price was, including the service fee and shipping fees for electronic and ground delivery.Ticketmaster offers the best variety of delivery options among the services we reviewed.You can pick up your tickets at will call, order print-at-home tickets or choose flash seats, which get you into the venue with your credit card and photo ID.In our research, we found that its service fees varied based on the venue and artist, but they were, on average, lower than on almost every other site we reviewed.Ticketmaster is a primary ticket broker, which means it negotiates directly with venues to offer tickets to concert goers.We didn’t just compare prices, though; we walked through each step of the ticket selection process to score each website.

We’ve reviewed concert ticket websites and sports ticket websites for several years and we know what to look for in the guarantees and money-back promises that these companies offer.

If you’re looking for tickets to a sold-out concert, Coast to Coast Tickets is a good service to check and compare against other online ticket brokers.

If you are browsing tickets for a specific event, you can look at interactive maps for some venues.

Some of the tickets you purchase through Ticketmaster’s website can be resold using the service, but the options are limited compared to other sites we reviewed, some of which allow you to sell tickets.

Tickets cost a bit more here than on the best sites we reviewed, but that is a common issue when comparing a secondary broker like this one against a primary ticket broker like Ticketmaster.

All the other services we reviewed are secondary brokers, which purchase tickets like a private buyer and resell them at a profit.