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Beth phoenix dating 2016

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But his time might still come, and there’s no denying that Maria will have something to do with it., the show considers “Natalya” indispensable due to her turbulent personal life.

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She briefly wrestled as Nitro Girl, where she caught The Heartbreak Kid’s eye for the first time.When she was given the task to interview Cody for the first time, it was love at first sight and they have been inseparable ever since.When The Miz married former WWE Diva Maryse in 2014, the wrestler couldn’t believe his luck. Maryse Mizanin, both love telling the online world about how well their relationship is going, constantly posting photos on social media.One of the longest standing marriages on this list has been between Smack Down on-screen commissioner Shane Mc Mahon and his gorgeous wife, Marissa Mazzola.The couple tied the knot on September 14th, 1996 and have never looked back, having three sons during their time together.Nowadays, it seems like behind every great wrestler there is an even greater wife who either escorts them to the ring or is a talented wrestler in her own right.

Here are some of the most beautiful wives in the world of wrestling.

At one point, both AJ Lee and CM Punk were at the pinnacle of their powers in their respective weights in the WWE.

But it would prove to be a wrestling match made in heaven when Lee and Punk eventually locked horns.

“Shane O’ Mac” is the son of WWE CEO Vince and brother of Diva Stephanie.

And who knows, maybe at some stage Marissa will be in contention for more power in the WWE, alongside her co-owner husband.

The second came well into their marriage when the NXT champion stepped up to the challenge and took on John Cena in the U. Karina and Owens’ two children were absolutely amazed by what they saw.