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Cloony dating

Alamuddin, by the way, was expected to have her beautiful younger sister Tala as her maid of honor, and already the Italian and British media are calling her the potential Pippa Middleton of the George-and-Amal nuptials.

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He was spotted by photographers arriving at the Aman on Saturday afternoon.Outside the hotel, photographers had gathered in boats trying to catch a glimpse of the star.After someone yelled, "Is this really happening, George?" the actor feigned looking at his watch and yelled back: "Yeah, right now." Well, soon. 7 to the impending nuptials when he announced at a charity event in Florence:"I met my lovely bride-to-be here in Italy, whom I will be marrying in a couple of weeks, in Venice, of all places." He added, "I would just like to say to my bride-to-be, Amal, that I love you very much and I can't wait to be your husband." It was widely thought the two, engaged since April, would wed at his Lake Como estate. It's a favorite destination for Clooney, a regular attendee at the Venice Film Festival.Besides, it's widely considered one of the most romantic cities in the world.But, like many of the emotional pitfalls and fuck-ups that come with dating, this is a matter that is within your own control.

Avoiding being a creeper is equal parts practical measures and self-awareness.

The couple arrived at the Ciprianiin a water-taxi named Amore, waving at onlookers as they passed under the Rialto Bridge and at the paparazzi snapping away in the sunshine.

The bachelor and bachelorette parties took place Friday night.

His was the last in a flotilla of boats ferrying guests from the five-star Hotel Cipriani on an island opposite St.

Mark's Square, where the groom's wedding party have been staying.

Because, as we all know, all women everywhere are connected to a powerful underground information sharing network, thus ensuring that anyone saddled with the “creeper” label shall never have sex again… But I understand the fear; most people don’t want to come across as creepy and worry about accidentally ruining an interaction with someone they’re attracted to.