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The Facebook default for Privacy Settings is "Everyone" – which exposes you to cyberstalking and identity theft.To change that: • Click "Profile" on the blue bar at the top of the Facebook screen.

Stalkers are often the weirdest of the weird and their behavior is unpredictable.The electronic version, cyberstalking (whether online or by cell phone) often results from people naïvely revealing too much personal information to a world of potential stalkers and identity thieves.More than 100 new cases of cyberstalking are reported each week of someone intimidating another person on the Internet.Take it seriously and document everything to help police prosecute the stalker.Despite the social media’s sloppy protection against cyberstalking, and the nature of the Internet in general, there’s still quite a lot you can do.On May 30, 2014, a criminal complaint was issued in the District of Nebraska that ties the previously indicted nickname of "lucky12345" to Bogachev and charges him with Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud.

Cyber Stalking (or cyberstalking) is the hidden threat of the Internet.

She’s been bombarded with lusty phone calls, email, and even visits from strange men – all because someone, somewhere online, used her personal information to promise hot sex to any man who contacted her.

She also found two dating sites where her name has been used without her knowledge. Other victims of anonymous cyber attacks include players of online fantasy sports leagues who’ve angered a competitor, and either the seller or the buyer in e Bay auctions.

And matchmaking sites often have “rejection revenge.” A woman was cyber-stalked for five years. And roughly 80% of stalkers target more victims after being convicted of one crime.

Their severe psychological disorders can’t handle rejection; each offence tends to get worse – even violent. Watch for anything that feels creepy or intimidating.

Starting in September of 2011, the FBI began investigating a modified version of the Zeus Trojan, known as Game Over Zeus (GOZ).