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Dating a non christian girl

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Christian culture inundates us with assertions about purity and courting vs.

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Sometimes it feels like a miracle when we meet someone with whom we really connect—someone who likes us, likes spending time with us, and makes us feel appreciated.No matter how you choose to word it, being single was never in my plans.Growing up in the church, I thought I had a solid understanding of how my story would play out. Eddie answers questions and gives advice on issues you want to hear about.You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.For more information about subscriptions, click here.But of all the interactions and relationships we have with members of the opposite sex, very few result in a dating or marital relationship.

When male/female relations are presented only within a married or marriage-potential context, the non-sexual companionship God designed for brothers and sisters in Christ is lost (1 Timothy 5:2).

And while God did create men and women to complement and support each other, nowhere does the Bible say they must be married to do so.

When the single life gets hard, and marrying a non-Christian looks like the only choice, it's imperative to decide what is most important.

Women fear that if they show interest in a man he'll think she's not the submissive type.

Men fear that with one conversation the woman will immediately start picking out china patterns.

Can a Christian and a non-Christian date, fall in love, be genuinely happy, get married and do great things for the world? As a Christian, your life is built on a desire to trust and follow Jesus to the ends of the earth. Answers collapsed by downvotes Anonymous Answered Jan 28, If she is a devoted Christian, she won't date someone who isn't.