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Dating across race

Unexpectedly, non-Arabic minority daters belonging to large-size communities have strong preferences for Europeans.

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With the opening of the Seoul Racecourse, the 36-year-long era of the Ttukseom Racecourse came to an end, and the nation's horse racing continued to make great strides.In June 2004, the International Cataloguing Standards Committee designated South Korea as one of the Part III countries, and decided to add seven Korean Grade Races to the Blue Book list, starting from 2005.In an effort to raise the country's racing quality and to promote horse racing nationwide, KRA started the construction of a new thoroughbred racecourse in Busan, the second largest city in South Korea.In 1922, Joseon Racing Club, the nation's first-ever authorized horse racing club, was established to make horse racing more systematic and better organized.Finally, in 1933, a decree on horse racing was promulgated.As part of the efforts to preserve the ponies native to Jeju Island, which has been designated as Natural Monument No.

347, KRA began the construction of the 180-acre Jeju Racecourse at the foot of Mt. Three years later, in October 1990, the racecourse opened for pony racing.

Korea Racing Authority (KRA) is the sole racing authority in Korea by KRA Law, and is under the supervision of the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

KRA aims to contribute to the national finances through horse racing, and to promote support projects for fishing and agrarian villages as well as various social activities, with its earnings.

To form a link in the chain of the program so as to make the most of the Olympic facilities, the government designated KRA as the organization that was exclusively responsible for constructing the Olympic Equestrian Park.

Accordingly, KRA secured 280 acres of land in the Gwacheon area, the southern outskirts of Seoul, and began the construction of the park in 1984.

Under the decree, only incorporated racing clubs were allowed to conduct horse racing.