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Dating bene israel

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The traditional account is that traders from Judea arrived in the city of Cochin, Kerala, in 562 BCE, and that more Jews came as exiles from Israel in the year 70 CE. It is also believed that the Jews settled in India when King Solomon was in power.This was a time that teak, ivory, spices, and peacock were popular in trade in Cochin.

The date of these plates, known as "Sâsanam", Joseph Rabban by Bhaskara Ravi Varma, the fourth ruler of Maliban granted the copper plates to the Jews.He established good relations with those in power and bought several mines.Through his efforts, Jews were permitted to live within Fort St. Three - Bartolomeo Rodrigues, Domingo do Porto and Alvaro da Fonseca - also founded the largest trading house in Madras.The legend of their origins claims that they descend from ancestors, 14 Jewish men and women, equally divided by gender, who survived the shipwreck of refugees from persecution or political turmoil, and came ashore at Navagaon near Alibag, 20 miles south of Mumbai, some 17 to 19 centuries ago.They are divided into subcastes, which do not intermarry: 'Black' (Kara) and White (Gora), the latter believed to be lineal descendants of the shipwreck survivors, while the former are considered to descend from concubinage of a male with local women.The Jewish community of India is the fourth largest Asian Jewish community after Israel, Asian Russia, and Iran.

The Jewish population in India is hard to estimate, since each Jewish community is distinct with different origins; while some allegedly arrived during the time of the Kingdom of Judah, others are seen by some as descendants of Israel's Ten Lost Tribes.

One of the graves within is that of Moseh Tobi, buried in 1769, who was described as 'ha-Nasi ha-Zaken' (The Elder Prince) by David Solomon Sassoon in his book A History of the Jews in Baghdad (Simon Wallenburg Press, 2006, ISBN 184356002X). Jacob PVSM, became state governor of Goa (1998–99), then Punjab, and later served as administrator of Chandigarh.

Baghdadi Jewish populations spread beyond Bombay to other parts of India, with an important community forming in Calcutta (Kolkata). Pramila (Esther Victoria Abraham) became the first ever Miss India, in 1947.

There is no exact date or reason to why they arrived in India but scholars date it to around the early Middle Ages.

Cochin is a group of small tropical islands filled with markets and many different cultures such as Dutch, Hindu, Jewish, Portuguese, and British.

They remained there for 40 more years only to return to their land of Cochin.