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Simply presenting information on the negative consequences of high-risk behaviors is not enough.Having an understanding of normal adolescent development can help professionals be effective communicators with young people.

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Professionals must find a way to relate comfortably to adolescents, and be flexible enough to accommodate the wide range of adolescents they are likely to encounter.The correlational analyses reveal quite high temporal rank-order stabilities of behavioral problems, for both sexes, and also long-term statistical connections between childhood problems and adolescent and adult adjustment problems. This is to be expected in view of the operation of processes of a more temporary nature and of the timing of adjustment problems.It is argued here that a configurational approach, simultaneously taking into consideration relevant aspects of the individuals' risk panorama, offers a perspective on developmental pathways that is not provided by common multivariate approaches.Results from this more person-centered approach show the strong impact of adolescent multirisk patterns on future criminality and on drug and alcohol abuse.Findings also reveal that individual personal resources in adolescence may quite strongly reduce the risk of developing future criminality and drug and alcohol abuse for multiproblem individuals. Salutogenetic childhood factors reported by middle-aged individuals. Hem, upp-fostran, skola och kamratmiljö i belysning av inter-vju-och uppföljningsdata. Home, management, school and peer environment in the light of interview and follow-up data).Professionals can play an important role in shifting perceptions of adolescents to the positive.

The truth is that adolescents, despite occasional or numerous protests, need adults and want them to be part of their lives, recognizing that they can nurture, teach, guide, and protect them on the journey to adulthood.

In this study, we examine issues related to the development of antisocial behavior, using data from three ongoing Swedish longitudinal projects.

A correlational strategy is contrasted with a configurational approach.

Follow-up of the children from the Lundby-study grown up in families experiencing three or more childhood psychiatric risk factors.

) sexual images—the Diva, Gold Digger, Freak, Dyke, Gangster Bitch, Sister Savior, Earth Mother, and Baby Mama.

Findings from this study are important given the tendency of previous researchers to ignore race and intraethnic variations in studies of beliefs about attitudes toward sexuality.