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Dating jealous person

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Look for ways to address his jealousy by reassuring him about the root causes of his insecurity.Understand that it will take time for him to feel secure.

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Begin your struggle against his jealousy and insecurity by refusing to take the blame for it.Take a little time every day to do stuff that makes you feel good about yourself.Try telling yourself positive affirmations, writing in a journal, or listening to positive motivational talks to build your self-esteem.You have more reason to feel bad for him than to be angry at him.You've got the prize, your boyfriend or girlfriend.If your man struggles with jealousy and the insecurity that causes it, you may feel that you constantly have to be on the defensive and that common sense will not get through to him.

If your man is worth the fight, though, you can battle jealousy by finding the right balance between compassion for your man and an assertive defense of your own boundaries.

Do you find that this jealousy is a pattern in all of your relationships?

You'll probably find that solving the problem involves changing something about Confident people aren't jealous because they know they don't have a reason to be.

Inform your partner that you are willing to do what you can to help him feel secure in the relationship, but you will not accept his assessment that your behavior is the cause of the problem.

If your partner has a history of cheating, his jealousy toward you probably stems from his own mindset.

So, don't waste time being jealous because jealousy often leads to arguments, fight, and feelings of insecurity.