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Dating regina spektor

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Taylor Swift reached that peak before she turned 21. She might be the youngest artist on this list — as you may have heard, she was born in 1989, the year Green Day released their first record.But she's already written two or three careers' worth of keepers.

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The following year, Spektor created the theme song for the hit Netflix series Spektor is married to Jack Dishel.After the band split up, Ulvaeus and Andersson went on to collaborate on several musicals — including the Abba jukebox musical, Mamma Mia! Hall was an English major who said he learned to write songs by osmosis, soaking up everything from Dickens to Hemingway.His best work was charged with literary irony but unfolded with the ease of spoken language, as when the mini-skirted heroine of "Harper Valley P. A." struts into the local junior high and exposes small-town hypocrisy by asking why Mrs.He introduced her to the band, and she went on tour with them in 2003."I guess it sounds glamorous," Spektor told magazine, "but it was so spontaneous."Each song had to be different," Andersson said in 2002, "because, in the Sixties, that's what the Beatles had done.

The challenge was to not do another 'Mamma Mia' or 'Waterloo.'" Ulvaeus's lyrics grew progressively darker over the course of Abba's career, even as the band became so unbelievably popular that they were able to release an 18-song greatest hits album simply called Number Ones.

She started studying classical piano when she was around 7 years old.

Born on February 18, 1980, musical talent Regina Spektor grew up in Moscow, Russia.

Spektor left Russia with her family because of religious persecution over their Jewish faith.

She later explained to that she uses different languages in her music because of her immigration journey.

like He Who Shall Not Be Named.""You know, I almost hate to talk about him because I almost feel like this is how school shooters should be treated," she said.