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David tennant and karen gillan dating

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The actors who play Amy Pond and Rory Williams are shortly to wave goodbye to Matt Smith, Steven Moffat, the Daleks et al. She is all eyes wide and long limbs crossing and un-crossing. She dabs on extra powder before the shoot and Arthur joins her at the mirror to give his quiff a final waxing.But first they materialise in the Guardian office to nick some CDs Click here for a Datablog of every Doctor Who villain since 1963 Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are squealing like happy toddlers, eagerly rummaging through big carrier bags of CDs on the floor of the Guardian Guide's office. He is polite, low-key and more guarded, with occasional bursts of noise. She nobly ditches her platform brogues to even out the height difference between them.

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Amy's not in love with the Doctor, unlike Rose (Piper) or Martha (Agyeman), which means she can get on with the important business of running down spaceship corridors in Doc Martens, casting glib one-liners over her shoulder. Amy did make one attempt at seducing the Doctor, but Karen insists their relationship was "more a deep connection with someone from childhood. It was only later that he blossomed into a bumbling action hero with his own fair share of one-liners. At one point in the interview they're just meowing at each other.When they finally go, both say they'll be gone for good. "It's not a competition." There's smirking: "Yeah, just for the sake of argument, he did." In 2010 it was Karen's casting as Amy that made the headlines.Since the show's reboot in 2005, the Doctor has had three other permanent companions, played by Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate. She was to be the feisty new assistant with all the attendant drooling over her model's looks.In real life, however, Karen and Arthur are a hooting, karate-chopping double act who are clearly going to miss each other. When I remind him he's about to find out, he lights up.I ask how any Doctor Who assistant could be happy going back to reality after living it up in the Tardis. "This will always be the biggest thing that ever happened to us." "It's like being in a band," says Karen.Karen's already done a film, Not Another Happy Ending, and is about to start shooting the third instalment of Charlie Brooker's spoof detective show A Touch Of Cloth.

Then it's off to America, to star in new supernatural flick Oculus.

"People were like [American accent] 'Sign my Tardis!

' We just thought, 'This is never going to happen again so we should enjoy it.'" They wrapped filming in New York a couple of months ago and dived straight into the pile of job offers awaiting them.

She is relentlessly energetic, hollering and whooping to illustrate her points.

Arthur is more reserved and often mutters agreement good-naturedly, letting her take the limelight. Arthur Darvill did toy with a music career back in the day and formed a band called Edmund with his friends. But music is something he comes back to in his down time.

There were paparazzi following us around which never happens over there.