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Do tori and beck end up dating

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Cat walks off"So, I heard your conversation with Cat over there." Jade said."Yup." Tori said."You and Beck huh?

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I think I am to, I mean not with me but uh you, ya so." Beck said."This is awkward." Tori said."So do you wanna go out on a date tomorrow to Noe Zuu? " Tori exclaimed."Pick you up at 8." Beck said Tori and Beck walk out of the closet"Cat! " Cat asked."Beck just asked me out on a date." Tori said."When is it?Vega said."Mother, its only ." Tori said."And it's a weekend." Trina said."You guys still need your rest." Mrs. " Tori asked."I wanted to tell you that I'll need to pick you up at 7 tonight. " Beck asked."Ya that's fine." Tori said."Ok, well I will see you at 7." Beck said."K bye." Tori hung up the phone and smiled.(Tori walked into the hair and nail place)"Hey Tori, how do you want your hair done today?Vega said."I'm 16, and Trina's 17." Tori said."Ok then whatever you say." Mrs. " The hair stylist said."Well, I am going out on a date tonight, so I was thinking curled." Tori said."I can definitely do that. " The hair stylist asked."Beck." Tori said."Oooo, Beck." Beck asked Tori."I think a Spicy Tuna Roll." Tori said."I think I will have the same." Beck said."Here are your drinks, water for you, and pink lemonade for you." The waiter said."You can order whenever you're ready." The waiter said."We would both like a Spicy Tuna Roll." Beck said.(Beck and Tori hand the waiter their menus)"So how was your day?" Beck asked."Well I went to the mall, and got my nails and hair done." Tori said."That's cool." Beck said."What about you?As of now, there are no results for it but no one knows maby they will date later on in the series or if they continue on for a season, maby it's possible.

According to the opening theme, with Beck and Jade being together, it's more likely to be next season.

You already have him." The hair stylist said."Not quite." Tori said."Well we are done now." The hair stylist said."I'm gonna go bet my nails done now." Tori said."Well just sit over there and someone will be with you in just a little bit." The hair stylist said."Ok thanks." Tori said."Hello Tori." The nail artist said."Hi." Tori said."What do you want to do with your nails today?

" The nail artist asked."Well I'm wearing a purple dress.

" Cat asked."Tomorrow, he's picking me up at 8." Tori said."Tori you said we could have a sleepover tomorrow." Cat said."Oh sorry Cat I totally forgot about that.

Listen we'll reschedule, maybe you can come after words." Tori said."Ok, I'll be at your house by ." Cat said."Gotcha." Tori said.

" Tori screamed"I'm just telling ya." Trina said."Everyone has been "just telling" me that. " Tori shouted.(Tori stomps up to her room)"Tori what's wrong? Vega asked."Everyone is telling me that every girl loves or has a crush on Beck." Tori said."So, follow your heart. " Tori asked.(Tori walks down the stairs with her purple sparkly dress on)"You look beautiful." Mrs. " Tori asked."Well first we're going to go to Noe Zuu, and then we will just see where the night takes us." Beck said."That sounds nice." Tori said.(They pull up to Noe Zuu)"Table for two." Beck says."Right this way." The waiter said."So what can I get you guys to drink?