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Steve Jobs has done his level best to keep pornography and adult content out of the i Phone App Store, but if the history of the Internet has shown us one thing, it's that any attempt to place a wall between porn and the raging tide of user erections is the definition of futility – for each one you strike down, another one springs up stronger than the first.


Videophone technology has been a recurring theme in sci-fi over the years, but it's been available for a long time now and the vast majority of calls are still voice-only.Ensuring he gets to see just as much as she can offer, she lifts her leg in a pose to expose her naughty pussy while her fingers tease and exploit her naughty lips masturbating before the laptop on her desk.Rubbling and stimulating her pussy and playing with her clit she does so in full vision of her screen so that her webcam channels the erotic sight down the line to her lover at the end.Not having your partner around to fuck doesn’t stop those horny feelings from coming and in today’s society who wants to risk an STD with around on the side.Besides, who even has the time for the drama that shit brings. I was just figuring out how to use Face Time (Skype will work too) on my i Phone.I figured I could take some pictures of myself masturbating and send to my .

This led to hours of freaky text messages while we were going about our day and he sent me flicks of that luscious magic stick. We both were looking forward to some steamy phone sex later that night.

Still, there's one sector of the tech industry that seems to be able to run with new technology faster than any other – and the adult entertainment business has clearly seen a big opportunity in the launch of Apple's i Phone 4, complete with front-facing camera and the Face Time videocalling app.

Phone sex lines are surprisingly popular, representing a multi-billion dollar industry in the USA alone – and it seems savvy operators have been placing employment ads on various online boards looking for presentable young women to act as Face Time video phone sex operators.

Well no man can remain passive when they see their sexy girlfriend masturbate before them and begins to wank himself off as he watches his webcam intently seeing what a naughty sexual girl she is and knowing the thrill of the show is a treat all for him.

A naughty idea I’m sure you will agree that offers a wonderful sexual thrill for both horny lovers.

When I called it a night, I couldn’t resist recording while fingering my cat just to see what it looked like on my phone- delicious!