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Gavin degraw dating anyone

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Leventi, srdjan loncar, damir hammer, alvin merriam,. All of this got me thinking about the best and worst concerts to meet a guy, with the first one that came to mind being Cher. Another amazing concert that brought out the female crowd, and I imagine Katy Perry and Lady Gaga would be a lot of the same. He clapped on beat without any practice, which strangely then threw me off my game.Even though it would actually be pretty awesome to see her put on a show, I could only hope to meet a Sugar Daddy if I actually went. I assume Journey/Steve Miller Band, Willie Nelson, Motley Crue/Alice Cooper and Boston/Cheap Trick could bring out some guys, but the age would probably skew as high as Cher. But the cool thing about Dave Matthews' concerts, there's always another guy just down the aisle.I've seen the New Kids on the Block in concert many times, both when I was a teenager and a few more times in my 30s. Well, at least I don't think that's why I'm single.But it is why I haven't met anyone at these concerts. I rarely do something that I don't like just to meet a guy. Amy loncar, whitfield lovell, deborah luster, bunny matthews,.

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Or gone to a wedding with someone who doesn't want to get up and dance to your jam?

All of this can be avoided by attending your favorite concerts. I just went to the Gavin De Graw/Matt Nathanson show and at one point, De Graw asked the crowd to clap along during specific parts of the song.

I was out at the honky tonks in Nashville in April when this concert let out, and while I had a blast with the ladies who trickled into the bar afterwards, they confirmed that not only were there no single guys there, but we would've been the youngest people there. That's when they starting telling us about their divorced sons, who are just "delightful". Aerosmith could be a possibility, but then I run the risk of dating someone who likes Aerosmith. My Top 5 Flirtable Concerts: 5) Bruno Mars and Pharrell Williams 4) Jimmy Buffett 3) Jay Z and Beyonce 2) Arcade Fire 1) Dave Matthews Band - No question, that Dave Matthews is a fantastic wingman. With all of this in mind, who thinks Zac Brown Band at Wrigley Field could be a flirtable concert?

I've seen him many times and have had steady success meeting guys at these concerts, excluding the last time when I was jamming to "Ants Marching" with the fella behind me.

I admired them for not caring what the rest of us were probably all thinking.