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Google desktop weather not updating

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AIM 4-3-10c - Pilots should state their position on the airport when calling the tower for takeoff from a runway intersection (Runway Hold Position Sign and/or Runway Guard Lights) AIM 4-3-11b5 - The minimum visibility for a pilot to receive a land and hold short clearance (LAHSO) is 1,000ft AGL and 3SM visibility [FAR 91.155]. AIM 8-1 - Objects may appear father away if flying in haze or other view limiting situations due to a relaxed eye focus of 10-30ft (empty field myopia) WX CH7 - Four basic cloud types are divided into four families; High, Middle, Low, and clouds developing vertically WX CH8 - Steady precipitation preceding a front is an indication of stratiform clouds with little or no turbulence PHAK CH5 - Applying carb heat will decrease air density causing a richer mixture (higher fuel to air ratio).

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FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS FAR 43.3(g) - A holder of a pilot certificate issued under part 61 may perform preventive maintenance on any aircraft owned or operated by that pilot which is not used under part 121, 129, or 135.FAR 43.7(f) - A person holding at least a private pilot certificate may approve an aircraft for return to service after performing preventive maintenance.[Appendix A part C 01-32] FAR 43 - Appendix A (c) Preventive maintenance is limited to the following work, provided it does not involve complex assembly operations: (1) Removal, installation, and repair of landing gear tires.AIM 4-3 - The minimum visibility for a pilot to receive a land and hold short clearance (LAHSO) is 1,000ft AGL and 3SM visibility [FAR 91.155].AIM 4-3-10b - An aircraft is expected to taxi to (but not onto) the end of the assigned runway unless prior approval for an intersection departure is received from ground control.(12) Making small simple repairs to fairings, nonstructural cover plates, cowlings, and small patches and reinforcements...

(13) Replacing side windows where that work does not interfere with the structure or any operating system such as controls, electrical equipment... (15) Replacing seats or seat parts with replacement parts approved for the aircraft, not involving disassembly of any primary structure...

(30,i,ii), (31), (32) AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANUAL AIM 1-1 - A CDI (course deviation indicator) centered should read 0° FROM on the OBS (omnibearing selector) or 180° TO when using a VOT.

AIM 4-1 - If the cloud base / flight ceiling is above 5,000AGL and visibility is greater than 5NM; ceiling, sky condition, visibility, and obstructions may be omitted from the ATIS broadcast.

(4) Servicing landing gear wheel bearings, such as cleaning and greasing.

(5) Replacing defective safety wiring or cotter keys.

INSTRUMENT FLIGHT - Rules governing the procedures for conducting instrument flight.