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Inside Edition, the long-running television newsmagazine program on CBS, presented a segment about the popularity of online dating and how some users are having professional headshot photos taken to create a more successful online profile.

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Since then, says Dauk, it’s turned into steady work, primarily from professionals in their thirties and forties. Of the roughly 150 photographers who work in this lucrative field – taking portraits of the city’s aspiring actors – Dauk is among an elite group.A few weeks later and we're one loss away, woohoo!#LGM The audience has spoken & the winner of our 2018 Spring Series Audience Award is our closing night heartwarming film Mole Man!On the morning of September 11, four days before the wedding, the two were watching the morning news when the scene of destruction occurring just downtown unfolded horribly before them.After two days of panic, fear, and frantic calls to the couple’s many friends who work in the financial district of Manhattan, the two realized that... You’ve got photography questions, we’ve got the expert to answer them.Similar to their younger counterparts, older adults (age 60 ) are increasingly turning to online dating sites to find potential romantic and sexual partners.

In this paper, we draw upon qualitative data from a thematic analysis of 320 randomly selected online dating profiles posted by Canadian heterosexual older adults who self-identified as Asian, Black, Caucasian or Native American.

In particular, we examined how the older adults’ self-presentations varied according to race/ethnicity, age and gender, and how the language they used to describe themselves and their preferred potential partners reflected and reinforced idealised images of ageing.

Our analysis identified five primary ways in which the older adults portrayed themselves.

Congrats to director Guy Fiorita (@egomaintenance) for creating such a fascinating film about lovable, very creative Ron Heist!

Meet a Top Casting Director, Manager, and Photographer.

Jinsey was recently featured in an article from Backstage magazine about New York headshot photographers. Here in their headshots, actors Rhonda Jensen and Miguel Perez are both open, approachable, warm, and engaging. That’s exactly what you want in a headshot—you want the casting director to feel all that.