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Is george clooney dating someone new

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is a standout one for Clooney, as he said the actor was his favorite “co-star.”“I never met Burt Reynolds, but I would like to,” Clooney tells Yahoo. “Burt was the biggest star in the world in the ’70s and one of my favorite actors. He has a sense of humor about himself, which the Bandit had.”" data-reactid="58" ever gets remade, he’d want George Clooney to play the bandit.

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It seemed selfish not to share some of that luck with some other people.” The 56-year-old revealed Alexander is bigger than Ella.In many cases, the raiding parties didn’t know, or care, what they were seizing, or what its value was.The Nazis’ rule of thumb was simp If it’s hanging on someone’s wall, or is being kept behind glass, or stands on a plinth, it belongs to us now.‘Millions of priceless paintings, sculptures, and other masterpieces and artefacts were in danger of being lost forever.‘And the thing is, when you look at World War II movies, the reason they run out of steam now is because you know all the stories.But the reason they worked so well for so long is you’ve got the greatest bad guy in the history of films and they got good uniforms to put on. And we thought, “Okay, well this is a story that people don’t know...” I didn’t know.Their monetary value ran into billions – but the cultural loss, would be incalculable’.

With the approval of America’s President Roosevelt, the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives unit (MFAA) was set up and some 350 men and women were entrusted with the job of finding and protecting the stolen art with some members even forfeiting their lives in the process.

They were on their own‘I’d known something about the subject.

I remembered that Hitler bombed the hell out of England but part of the reason he didn’t bomb Paris was because he wanted their art for a super-museum he was building in his home town of Linz in Austria.

They took rare books, antiques, jewellery, gold bullion and even church bells.

Clooney’s film, The Monuments Men, highlights the hitherto little-known exploits of the unlikeliest of war heroes – a disparate band of curators, academics, art historians and architects who risked their lives in order to rescue priceless works of art from the smoking ruins of Europe.

There was always a sense that as an audience we were in on it with him. “Well, George Clooney is my favorite actor,” said Reynolds.