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Negative side effects of online dating

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Most speed users become addicted to the “high” that they get from the drug and this results in frequent use.Unfortunately for users of speed however, the more that the user takes the drug the more of the drug they feel they need.

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Most commonly speed users dig themselves in to a massive amount of debt that results in them being unable to afford even basic needs.Damage within the brain can also cause damage to the blood vessels in the brain making the speed user more susceptible to the possibility of a stroke.Individuals who take increasingly bigger doses of speed are also affected by erratic behavior and can develop symptoms of psychosis that are similar to that of Schizophrenia.As speed works upon dopamine when an individual begins to experience withdrawal from this drug they will also experience incredible levels of depression.As speed works upon neurotransmitters in the brain it can cause a significant amount of damage to the brain including cell damage.By releasing high levels of dopamine the brain experiences something of a euphoria in addition to increased body movement.

When smoked or injected, speed produces a rush of a high that lasts only a few minutes but brings with it an extremely high level of pleasure.

Speed also acts as an appetite suppressant which is another reason why many people concerned about weight gain turn to this drug.

Speed works in the body by acting upon the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Taking speed makes people feel energized and wide awake.

Someone who has taken speed may appear excessively energetic and unable to sit still, they may chatter nonstop.

Depending upon the method of delivery to the system the “high” experienced can be almost instantaneous.