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Pros and cons of dating someone with a child

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You cannot create your family with some baby moma hanging around and dictating your schedule. From this point on I’ll be true to myself and put myself first.

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Always remember to take care of yourself first though, and follow through with your own goals. They would cancel dates, not have money to spend on you or make it down right clear about all the lovely plans they have with their kids – and you can either tag along or get out.Speaking from experience, our twenties are the ideal time to go out and date, have fun and travel, do what we want to do without being tied down.A man with kids is definitely tied down, therefore, so are you if you are dating him.Mr Dads – no offense as I’m sure your trying so hard to be good Dads just don’t forget to put yourselves in the shoes of your woman, it’s soooo not easy and if she is staying with you – your extremely blessed. I was so tired of spending the weekends alone because he was with his kids.You think that eventually they will learn some type of balance and they never do.Believe me now you WILL no matter how hard you fight it.

When you romantic evening is being interrupted by the kids or worst the kids mom!

Or who says ‘I stayed for the baby’ and try and work it out – this isn’t as noble as it sounds. Surely you’d be big enough to admit that it wont work – no many men stay around cause it’s convenient to THEM. If you’re looking at the celeb’s or someone you know and thinking, so and so is a Stepmom and they’re okay, right? As I began dating again, I'm not looking forward to dating men of 40 with kids.

Wrong, she has put up and shut up and for what ever reason thinks she can’t do better. I'm at the age of 42 years old, amicable divorce, no kids and I'm not looking forward to dating men with kids.

Everything happens for a reason and you will meet that someone where everything will fall perfectly into place. and to tell you the truth this was the worst thing i have ever done in my life. It’s such a shame because I get it, I get what they’re trying to do –BUT it DOESN’T work. “I can’t see you this weekend cause the kids are sick”- and so on so on.

WEll I have dated a man with an 8 year old girl for 2 years. MEN- Your woman will always feel 2nd best and that’s not fair. I had to put up with hearing – “I’m taking the kids to Israel this year so don’t have money for our holiday! Ladies the worst part is if you say to anyone –this isn’t right I wont to be number 1 in my mans life –your made to feel like the worst person in the world cause he’s just doing right by his kids.

Well let me tell you I WAS that woman – the one who thought ‘kids are lovely’ how bad can this be –WRONG.