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Red flags on dating men

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Men are super smooth and incredibly charming for a reason - they're trying to manipulate you (most likely), and they've had a lot of practice to get it right. They're not showing you their entire personality.scyther1: if he hits you once he will hit you again. If he's constantly losing his temper, he's going to eventually do it at the wrong place and time. Pay attention to how he treats other people, not just how he treats you.

This is one of the most obvious trademarks of someone who's out to play people. It also shows how he treats others and how he'll act if there's ever a power differential in your relationship.It’s about meeting someone, and being wary of certain personality traits if they pop up.Oftentimes, this is very situational, because everyone is different and what works for someone may not work for everyone.My sister's ex-boyfriend was extremely overbearing, he wouldn't let her do anything without his permission. First it's my turn to talk, then it's yours, then it's mine again. Everest -- but would you mind letting him be proud of his accomplishments?A boyfriend should support you and help you make decisions - not make them for you. This doesn't just mean the guy is probably selfish, but it also means he's just annoying. Source: Shutter Stock c4bb0ose: Personally it is 'Falling in love' quickly, say after a week or so they are saying they love you, or trying desperately to get into your pants.Or is he actually giving off little hints that he’s someone you should avoid completely in the dating world?

When we’re distracted by charm or the way someone looks, it’s easy to ignore these things…

This indicates some kind of long-term planning skills as opposed to a raw, in-the-moment, hedonistic style of life, which is dangerous and not stable.

It's one thing if the guy is focusing on school and doesn't have time for a job.

Find out why they like strong women, is it because they want a match or because they are weak and constantly need someone to validate who they are?

You want to date a guy who's independent enough to do things on his own, not someone who's looking for a girlfriend/mother.

If he's saying "I love you" after three dates, there could be a few reasons: either he's rebounding for someone, he's just desperate for a girlfriend no matter who she is, or he's just trying to get in your pants.