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The Mets did this a couple of times in 2007 with success with Jose Reyes batting and Carlos Gomez on third on time and Lastings Millege on third the other time.

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Most of the phone calls have been made during the daytime, which is a strange occurrence given raccoons' propensity to be nocturnal.'I looked over there and got distracted because I saw a raccoon coming our way,' said Robert Coggeshall to WKBN.To say no baseball team would do a squeeze play with two outs is wrong.I saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees with a two-out squeeze play back in 1984 ( /- a year).The pitcher and corner infielders would be caught off-guard.If the first baseman charges - and he would - the second baseman would have to cover first, again something he wouldn't anticipate.Does anyone know if there's anything to this or if it's just a coincidence.

Thanks to this song everyone in my school thinks I'm weird.

Get on his hind feet and show his teeth,' Coggeshall said.

In the past three weeks, authorities have had to respond to 14 calls depicting similar altercations.

There's something I've always wondered about this song.

In a way it strikes me as a response to Janis Ian's song "At Seventeen." One reason for this is the line at the end of the song "It was long ago and it was far away ..." which matches a similar line in Janis Ian's song. She's singing about missing out on love at 17 and Meat Loaf is replying that she may have been better of that way.

It can cause brain damage along with respiratory disease, seizures, immobility and even death.