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BERRY: You know truthfully I'm not a lawyer nor do I wish to be but this is a big issue and there's a lot of children at risk. I mean, Larry, if he just -- we're talking now about a subset of a $20 billion industry. You then have that amount of money can be used to pretty much cause anything to happen. We have children who have digital cameras that can load an image instantly. We have instant communication systems that allow for one individual to speak to another. BERRY: When I first began speaking with these different individuals I thought they were my friends. They're people who you would never expect to sign up for child pornography. KING: So, someone I passed on the street coming into CNN tonight, a businessman, insurance agent, could be doing pornography this morning or tonight? I was deeply traumatized to realize what was going on and very frightened for my children. Let me get a break and come back with Justin Berry and Kurt Eichenwald of "The New York Times." We'll include a couple of phone calls. I cannot say enough good things about them but the child exploitation and obscenity section did not make me confident. It's been a rough few months and it's finally coming to an end here hopefully and life is improving.

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The internationally acclaimed composer and keyboard player Yanni has been making music for more than a decade. However, based on Yanni's public discussion of the matters, this is no longer possible." There was a criminal charge that was dismissed, is that right? (END VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: Welcome back to LARRY KING LIVE. Christopher, AKA Yanni, by Silvia Barthes relating to a recent incident which resulted in the arrest of Yanni and other matters. Barthes attempted to resolve these issues with Yanni privately and without resort to litigation and the media. I sat there and I watched everybody talk and tell their side of the story and I haven't been able to talk. I have never been asked by law enforcement about any of the 1,500 names I provided them. DISPATCHER: All right, what is your -- all right, just stay in the room locked and we'll send an officer over to meet with you, OK? We invited her to appear, the woman who accused Yanni of domestic battery. There is a statement from her attorney which says, "A civil lawsuit will be filed this week against John Y. It's been 30 days I've been sequestered in my house. YANNI: It was a case where if I want to jump to the most dramatic aspect of what happened, I wanted to end my relationship with Ms. That particular night, though, I think what happened is she just lost it for a few seconds. I know that this person Justin is supposed to be a porn star but I'm looking at a boy and from that point on, you know, at first I can't say that I looked at that as a reporter. I thought I have to -- I have to find out if this is real. And, if I do, if he does, I have to call the police. KING: And got an extraordinary story that appeared last December. KING: Justin, didn't a lot of men want to meet you, not just do this by webcam? Justin, you also became a predator yourself did you not? BERRY: You know there were several requests to meet me in person. These people are -- they're your next door neighbors and you never guess that they could be talking to children like this online. I was a lonely kid who was hurt and I was lost and they took note of that. I did things that I'm pretty ashamed of, not proud of. KING: You said today that you enjoyed a lot of this. Money is money but the amount of pain that this has caused there's money can't replace that. There had been a posting online of what purported to be an Interpol investigation of a number of Web sites. KING: And back home, I know your mother tried to do her best about this didn't she?

KING: When you say a lot did you make a real lot of money? Among them was one of Justin's Web sites called Mexico Friends. When I had sex with the female prostitutes I was in Mexico at that time.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JUSTIN BERRY: They wanted me to take off my pants, remove my underwear, and eventually masturbate on camera.

(END VIDEO CLIP) LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Tonight, a prime-time exclusive, Justin Berry, he was a 13-year-old honor student who ran a pornographic Web site from his own bedroom.

On Capitol Hill today he gave dramatic testimony about teenage years of molestation, drugs, and on camera sex, some of it arranged by his own father. We'll take a break, come back, include some of your phone calls. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) BERRY: I had opened a site called where child predators could come and watch and offer me money and gifts to do what they wanted.

He's here tonight to tell us some more about a shocking story. Justin Berry and Kurt Eichenwald of "The New York Times" is with us. After my first molestation, I began to act out sexually. Part of me wanted to die and every day on camera part of me did.

It's been a life that I could never have imagined that I would have lived and I'm just thankful to be out of it. BERRY: Initially, I set up my webcam on my computer and after that there was instant message requests people wanting to speak with me on the Internet. EICHENWALD: There was a point I think -- I think what you're referring to there was a point while she didn't know specifically what was happening with Justin, she did realize that something very bad was happening with her son that he was changing. I've talked to many kids who have done this and they are from an array of families.