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Is there a rule that says you must have children within a certain timeframe after marriage?If your boyfriend is using this as an excuse, it's really that - nothing but an excuse. This is actually a painful excuse when you hear it.

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yet u choose to rain hellfire on women who want to other men.if u want our legs to close, u should close ur own as well, as for myself, i look for someone who will respect who I am and not try to mess everything out in the sun, I keep to myself and im not whoring out there, so u shouldnt be either, and if u cant deal then I am not meant for u.Simpleplatinumnk:no directly but i seen it all over the romance board, girls are degraded for expressing sexuality while men are he a dog that he needs to shag everything in heat??selfcontrol u truely love someone, u cannot think of sharing it with anotherits just a sign of immaturityfor example i joking asked my bf if he would so a 3some no directly but i seen it all over the romance board, girls are degraded for expressing sexuality while men are commended.For him to be comfortable enough to say something like this to his wife she must have been letting him get away with some freaky poo or has done some freaky poo that she told her husband about.

I am wondering now why her mouth is hanging wide open.luxoire:hmmm na wah ohhh - he may want to do it - and she may not want to watch it - i beg ppl should consider their partner's likely reactions before nursing certain fantasiesat best - discipline yourself and your mind! LADIES, would you rather that your man cheated on you in your back and that you didnt know about it or that he came and tell you about his fantasies and ask you to join in?!

If you've been with this man for any length of time and you love him, it's hard to hear him telling you that he's not certain you're the woman for him.

Regardless of what excuse he's using, you can get him to fall hopelessly in love with you and want to marry you.

obviously SHE alone cannot fulfill that fantasy and she should be proud that he talked to her instead of just go and do it with other people.

he wants to include his wife into his fantasy how crazy as it might there is any fantasies that the wife has been secretly harboring then this IS the time to let her husband know about it so SHE too can fulfill some of her fantasies. if she cant imagine herself in a party then she shoudl let her husband know and "expect" him to fulfill his fantasies in her back.

i guess by the look of replies, you all would rather he just went and shagged so sad that most of you believe that when you get married, your sexual life ends and no more fantasies, NADA!!