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Speed dating leeds uni

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Sure it would be…" - That's when I knew it was over... those of you who bother to read the drivel i post on here will know that i am on-ag…" - Now, there was no need for that... Having had 'th…" - I was drunk when I bought this (375 stories) - "*sigh* I bought a swede for 3p from my local tesco express on my way home from an afternoon session. Then I wrote "steve the…" - It was a great holiday, but...(390 stories) - "that's when it SHOULD have been over... (318 stories) - "Dad's cock We were early teens when my folks took me and my brother to Las Vegas on holiday.

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The chat is usually about the three main resorts out t…" - Churches, temples and holy places (201 stories) - "I went to a Catholic school But it was really one of those nominally Catholic schools that took on the RC prefix sometime in the 60s, probably as an a…" - Horrible things I've done to a loved one (225 stories) - "It wasn't pre-meditated, but I was once rifling through the top-draw of junk looking for some money or something, when I came across a box. …" - My most treasured possession (506 stories) - "my trunk It's an old wooden trunk of the kind taken to sea by sailors of yore.Seven great reasons to use The UK Sponsorship Database Seeking sponsorship for sport?Seven great reasons to use The UK Sponsorship Database Seeking equestrian sponsorship support?(355 stories) - "Repost (so don't bother clicking "I like this"), but it did well last time so enjoy...I should have been fired (or at least disciplined).For more information, particularly on merging or moving the article during the discussion, read the guide to deletion.

The fictional Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man, who debuted in 1962, is well known for his unique superhuman abilities as depicted in the comics and other media.

(477 stories) - "the shame At uni we did this: Grabbed a mate from behind and put a sack over his head, and tied him up. We were very ag…" - Where is the strangest place you have slept? (277 stories) - "Haai-yaah Refreshingly clean story: at the end of the night in a busy 'Brewers Fayre' style pub restaurant, my sister and I were carrying large towers…" - The most cash I've ever carried (297 stories) - "Last week... I went out with a big wad of Euros to buy eleven French impressionist paintings that I'd wanted for a long time. I say 'watching'; I couldn't really see …" - The passive-aggressive guilt trip (165 stories) - "Don't trouble yourselves clicking 'I Like This!

(524 stories) - "On a very large pile of lego there's nothing quite like waking up, half drunk, half hungover, looking in the mirror and seeing the word ogel imprinted…" - Apparently I'm a sex offender (300 stories) - "This still makes me cringe I was drunk on a train from Waterloo, and there were a couple of women opposite me that were clearly partners. Afterwards, I notice…" - In the Army Now - The joy of the Armed Forces (276 stories) - "Please remind yourselves that i was 14 and it was cadets. ' I've decided I don't want to win this week's question so don't bother voting for me. Even though it was the right thing to do, it was quite traumatic.

Lu…" - Things you've done when you've had no money. she came home in tears t…" - Have you ever been dumped in a spectacular way? To quote my hopefully soon to be ex-wife, "It's not so much I've been sleeping with another man, more sort of....and you need…" - Have you ever been rude to a celebrity?

(225 stories) - "It's a good thing none of you know who I am No money? (287 stories) - "Stephen Hawking Not all that rude, not me, but still funny.

My reflexes have been honed b…" - Things You Still Can't Do Properly Despite Being a Proper Grown Up (94 stories) - "Acting your age? When I was young, say from 10 to around 14, just as you're starting to understand the world around you, I'd look at the g…" - Celebrations, anniversaries and milestones (101 stories) - "I turned 30 on my honeymoon with my wife in Lillehammer in Norway Why it had to be lillehammer is complex and doesn't really add to the story, so I'll…" - My job: Expectation vs Reality (81 stories) - "I work in insurance. I'm classing it as a job …" - Biggest opportunity I've blown (91 stories) - "I have a nasty habit of accidentally passing up opportunities. I will however, mention when I first had it …" - Training courses, seminars and conferences (159 stories) - "Was on a course last week we were in an auditorium, about 90 of us. we had been in the session (about fire drills) for about 2…" - What nonsense did you believe in as a kid?