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Steam an error occurred while updating disk io failure

Look at PLC 5 1771 I/O, It's still available and has been since the 80s.

Nice stuff comes with some cost, let's face it, none of us work for free, and if they wanted me to, then I'd go broke at home and let their machines gather rust. I have only bought one copy of windows, and I regret that. The advantages all relate to it's monopolistic omnipresence.The automation industry tends to follow trends in computing, not lead them.A good example of that is a lot of PLC programming packages required MS-DOS long after MS-DOS had disappeared in the general market.However, the last few years it has become remarkably stable.Probably because they had plenty of time to work out the XP bugs.Regards,cww I've been using Rockwell software since before it was RS.

I will grant that their history of buggy and crashing software is legendary.

In representing Schneider Electric and our programming software, perhaps you would prefer us to add this cost to the price of the hardware? Like it or not, automation company's are evolving into software vendors.....

This is the facilitator for what hardware is able to do. We are all in business and consumers in the majority now accept that software is a piece of the automation solution. Get with the program and understand the value of the tool that is now esential to an automation system Best regards Lee J Ward Schneider Automation Lee, you haven't addressed my fundamental point; no plant that isn't currently using your products can EVER switch to them.

There is no real technical advantage for using MS Windows for GUI work as compared to any other OS.

In fact, the GUI used in MS Windows is really not very good, although you can still write a good GUI type program if you work at it enough.

Those (at least the HTML 5 and Flash ones) tend to make the OS itself irrelevant when it comes to user interaction.