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Steven r mcqueen and chelsea staub still dating

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) Regarding past films, in which they were featured . Mc Queen BOTH enjoyed stints on Disney films with questionable, and possibly sexually suggestive, titles? When Charlie invents an incredible machine that can wind back time, they enlist the help of the school menace Zeke (Nicholas Braun), to try and help themselves and other outsiders from making critical mistakes that can make or break their high school reputation.

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In support of Team Tyler, Trevino had this brief, but effective, response. ” He snarked, noting his on-screen best-buddy’s / romantic nemesis’ absence from Eyecon. Both Steven and Trevino really enjoyed acting in their infamous Bottle-Breaking Fight Scene from Season 1. When asked whether he would prefer to be a vampire or werewolf, Trevino emphatically said “WEREWOLF! “Uh ohhhh,” groaned Steven, playfully slapping Trevino on the back, when the question was asked. Was it any wonder, that after , the couple soon ended up in bed together? In fact, when asked why fans should join Team Tyler versus Team Matt, Trevino seemed a bit surprised that this should be such a difficult choice! Steven LOVED the scene in which Jeremy, upon first learning that Anna was a vampire, cut his hand, in order to tempt her with his blood. And what resulted was a highly erotic episode of mutual handgasming (TM Cherie). Welcome back to my third, and final, installment of The Vampire Diaries Eyecon coverage! On the show, Tyler and Jeremy may be forever teetering between being at one another’s throats . Steven actually seems fairly different from Jeremy. Like his television doppelganger, Steven LOVES comic books and all things- animation. at least, the kinder, gentler, version of his character that we have come to know and love in Season 2. “He finally seems to be finding himself, and getting what he wants out of life,” Steven explained excitedly. Suddenly, this character seems more real, and more vulnerable than ever before. Today, we will be digging DEEP into the twisted minds of Steven R. (For those of you interested in additional Eyecon coverage, feel free to check out my “recap” of Paul Wesley’s Q&A, here and my, admittedly gushing, recounting of Ian Somerhalder’s Q&A, here.) This particular blog post is dedicated to my FAVORITE Trevino Fangirl and Forwood / Taroline Shipper, Cherie over at My Spidey Sense is Tingling. Whereas Jeremy seems quiet, kind of serious, and a bit of a loner, Steven is extremely outgoing, energetically animated, and gregarious . Of the two, I’d say Michael Trevino has more in common with his character . A bit more reserved than Steven, but equally engaging with fans, Trevino shares Tyler’s pensive and mysterious nature. (Note: You can tell, by the way he talks about his character, that Steven REALLY doesn’t enjoy being TVD’s Resident Punching Bag. Ironically, the act of undergoing a werewolf transformation has made Tyler more human. MINUTEMEN – Virgil Fox (Jason Dolley) has seen the last three years of his uneventful high school life slip through his fingers. Mc Queen) has become a popular school jock and has beautiful Stephanie (Chelsea Staub) as his girlfriend to prove it. “No, I think that would hit too close to home for me,” admitted Steven. So, remember that scene in when Uncle / Father John (played by David Anders) was in his hospital bed, clad in patient-garb?

When asked about his friendship with Mark Salling, the gorgeous actor who plays Puck on .

Speaking of those jaw-dropping moments on the show, when male cast members suddenly become clothing-challenged . However, he did admit that he enjoyed the supernatural connection that Tyler and Caroline share, and the way in which these two characters relate with one another. “The way I see it, there are two [male] vampires in the main cast and one werewolf.

Unfortunately, Trevino couldn’t really say very much about that, out of fear of spoiling upcoming episodes.

and bonding over their respective sometimes – broody natures, artistic talents, and the recent losses of both of their fathers.

And you just know that there’s this hilarious running dialogue going through his head, which he’s not quite ready to share with the world. As for Steven, he notes that, in addition to getting both physically, and emotionally, beaten down, more than ANY character on this show .

He loves watching Here’s what the pair had to say, on the following titillating topics .