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Marjorie Heins & Christina Cho Free Expression Policy Project National Coalition Against Censorship Update: a new edition of Internet Filters: A Public Policy Report has just been published.

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There are some important chat rules you already agreed to first, before proceeding.Alternatively, be sure to join a new teen chat site Meet with hundreds of cool teenagers! Do you want a woman who is easy-going,the total opposite of materialistic,has good sense of humor,enjoys life and good conversation,looks forward to seeing you and wants to make you happy. As the report concludes: "Although some may say that the debate is over and that filters are now a fact of life, it is never too late to rethink bad policy choices." The report is available at: Copyright 2001 National Coalition Against Censorship. Any part of this report may be reproduced without charge so long as acknowledgment is given to the Free Expression Policy Project. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF TESTS AND STUDIES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In the spring and summer of 2001, the Free Expression Policy Project of the National Coalition Against Censorship surveyed all of the studies and tests that it was able to locate describing the actual operation of 19 products or software programs that are commonly used to filter out World Wide Web sites and other communications on the Internet. Its purpose is to provide a resource for policymakers and the general public as they grapple with the difficult, often hotly contested issues raised by the now-widespread use of Internet filters. They range from anecdotal accounts to extensive tests applying social-science methodologies.The report analyzes almost 100 tests and studies of filtering products, and has hundreds of examples of egregious overblocking.

The "Children's Internet Protection Act" (CIPA), requires filters in most schools and libraries – for adults and minors alike.

In some instances, we located only one or two test reports; in other cases?

for example, Cyber Patrol, Smart Filter, and X-Stop? Most tests simply describe the actual sites that a particular product blocked when Web searches were conducted.

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The report documents how the widespread use of filters limits the free exchange of ideas necessary in a healthy democracy.