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Updating sony blu ray firmware

When it does crash #which is a rare occurrence# all I need do is unplug and re-plug the power cord to reset the unit and all is fine.

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Entering the Netflix app, "updating and downloading" new software, attempting to connect with my laptop, etc.BD-R LTH media is manufactured using a Verbatim-exclusive organic dye that changes the disc’s reflectivity during recording from “low to high.” BD-R LTH discs have the same storage capacity as BD-R discs, but a more efficient manufacturing process allows the discs to be offered at a lower cost to consumers.BD-R LTH is compatible with all current Blu-ray burners and most, older models with firmware update.Both Verbatim BD-R and BD-R LTH feature Hard Coat™, a protective layer that safeguards the disc from scratches, fingerprints or dust, helping to avoid recording or playback errors.All Verbatim Blu-ray discs feature Hard Coat™ to protect against scratches, fingerprints and dust build-up, reducing recording or playback errors.Sony provides software updates in order to enhance functionalities and provide users with the latest TV experience.

The easiest way to receive software updates is by downloading directly from your TV via the Internet.

But truly the best of all and the main reason you buy a disc player in the first place is the fact that it plays almost any disc you put in.

I've played PAL discs from England, some homemade BD, some mkv discs and DVDs, and Blu-rays from everywhere, including some region 1 and region free, and so far except for one or two damaged discs, they have all played.

In addition, Verbatim Blu-ray recordable and re-writable discs are compatible with the latest Blu-ray hardware from manufacturers that include Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic and LG.

All Verbatim Blu-ray discs are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a 40-year history of quality and reliability. Blu-ray media is the logical choice for backing up HD video and audio files.

I've even played DVDs that wouldn't play on any other DVD player with no problems.