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What is the proposed dating for the gospel of john

what is the proposed dating for the gospel of john-1

Show me one Old Testament verse that prophesized about Jesus' third day resurrection?

The issue of Mark 16:9-20 is a scary one, because many Christian cults today use poisonous snakes in their worship and end up dying.Are we sure that this book too is not a man-made Satanic book? So unless the Book/Gospel was signed by its author, there is no way we would know for sure that it was indeed his book from the first place, let alone considering it as the True Living Word of GOD.Please visit: says that after GOD Almighty fills both Heaven and Hell with inhabitants from Mankind, and the people of Hell get tortured for a long period of time, the People of Heaven will ask and Pray to GOD Almighty to Forgive the people of Hell.The Gospel itself seems to be a compromising one to the Word of GOD.Let us look at the following: Few problems with this Gospel from the quote above: 1- The author was not inspired, and knew for sure that he was not inspired by GOD Almighty to write the Book since he didn't mention about any divine inspiration, and he said "...since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning..." Where do we see GOD's inspiration in this?Removing Mark 16:9-20 is quite appreciated by me personally (to be quite honest with you), because it prevents people from dying from snake bites.

But however, the serious issue of man's corruption of the Bible remains.

Let alone proving that it was GOD Almighty's Revelation.

And as we saw in the first quote above, we don't even know that John Mark was indeed the one who wrote the so called "Gospel of Mark".

46 He told them, "This is what is written: The Christ will suffer Luke -48 says that it is written in the Law of Moses (i.e., the Torah) that Jesus will die and resurrect on the third day.

Where in the entire Old Testament (not just in the 5 books of Moses that make up the Law of Moses or the Torah) do you have that?!

GOD Almighty will then eventually listen to their Prayers, and will order the "Gates and the Steel Bars of Hell" to be opened and allow the people of Hell to enter Heaven for Good.